Bring the Passion

Where’s the energy? The failure to bring enthusiasm is one of the most common presenter errors. Here’s suggestion from Government Executive:

Bring the noise – What I mean by this is show up with some energy and passion for your topic. The first speaker immediately staked out what he was going to talk about and why it mattered to the audience. Then he proceeded, through his spoken and unspoken communication, to demonstrate how passionate he was about the topic. He raised his voice, he lowered his voice. He moved, he stood still. He was serious, he was funny. In short, he mixed it up and matched his energy with his message.

Have a hard time getting up for conducting ethics training? Not that interesting? Do the best you can in the sort range. For the long range, analyze your situation. If you can’t find ways to make involvement more attractive, is it time to consider transitioning into a more rewarding job?