Politico & Krugman “Satirical” References to PowerPoint

Politico writer Roger Simon thought he was quite humorous with this 2012  post:

Conducting a PowerPoint presentation is a lot like smoking a cigar. Only the person doing it likes it. The people around him want to hit him with a chair.

PowerPoint is usually restricted to conference rooms where the doors are locked from the outside. It is, therefore, considered unsuited for large rallies, where people have a means of escape and where the purpose is to energize rather than daze.

This follow up post by Nobel Prize-winning economist and NY Times blogger Paul Krugman indicates he’s not exactly a PowerPoint fan either:

I’ll bet [Simon] is not a Charlie Stross reader; if he were, he’d know about the scene in The Jennifer Morgue involving a PowerPoint presentation that turns anyone who watches it into a murderous zombie. Actually, I think I’ve seen that one.

Seeing one too many PowerPoint abusers will make even people as smart as Simon and Krugman hate the tool. However, the tool is just a tool. It can be used well, or it can be used poorly.