Tips for Training Senior Executives

Do you conduct separate ethics training sessions for senior managers? It’s a great idea if you can arrange for it. Managers have some special needs when it comes to learning about ethics. has some good tips in an article entitled How to Present to the Senior Executive Service – Promising Practices – Management. Here are my two favorites:

Bring your “Aha” moment to the front: You’ve spent months on research and preparation, and you want to end the presentation with a big finish. “In summary, we suggest…!” Although that approach is good in theory, surprises aren’t effective in practice. If you blow them away right up front, it will spur questions in their mind and they will be eagerly listening to your presentation for answers.

Rehearse: You’re a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience; you don’t need to rehearse, right? Wrong! The most articulate and persuasive orators rehearse their speeches and anticipate questions from the audience. The idea that you can be a natural public speaker is overblown and simply not true. Get ahead of the curve, and rehearse your presentation.