Boosting Confidence

Public speaking instructor for lawyers Marsha Hunter has a tip on building instructor confidence: Strike a Power Pose:

Social science research … finds that an expansive posture, or “power pose,” actually results in a short-term testosterone boost that can make you feel more positive about yourself. So, the experts’ advice is, stand in such a pose for a couple of minutes before you have to give a speech. Preen in front of your bathroom mirror. Stride around your living room before a networking event. Gather yourself to your tallest, brashest self while walking to work. Dale Carnegie and generations of speaking coaches in the past 100 years would agree — at least in principle.

If the idea appeals to you, go for it! But remember to keep it behind closed doors. This stance triggers feelings of confidence — and swagger, too. You’ll need to modify your stance when you are actually in the courtroom or giving a presentation. But if it helps you to take it over the top and pretend when no one is watching, I wouldn’t dream of discouraging you.

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