IEC Journal 10th Anniversary

IEC Journal celebrates its 10th anniversary today.  The Interagency Ethics Counsel website has provided many benefits to the federal ethics community over the years, including distributing high quality material for trainers. 

The community’s attitude toward supporting IEC Journal, reminds me of the movie Before Midnight, which some critics considered the best of 2013. The heroine, Celine, rants that all men believe in fairies. They think fairies magically clean the clothes, cook the meals, wash the dishes, etc.

No, all those things don’t happen by magic, and neither does IEC Journal. Keep them in mind, send them article tips and share useful material that comes your way. Nothing wrong with taking, but give back when you can.

DHS Whistleblower: “I Will Sleep Better at Night”

The November 2 Washington Post story about abuse of overtime at the Department of Homeland Security estimated the loss at tens of millions of dollars a year. It contains a great quote that could be used in ethics training on Principle of Ethical Conduct 11, 5 C.F.R. 2635.101(b), “Employees shall disclose waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption to appropriate authorities”:

“It was such misuse that I felt I had a legal obligation to report. I will sleep better at night,” said Ducos Bello, a 24-year veteran of government employment. “It’s like a father who has a son who commits a crime and has to report it for the health of their child’s future.”

Thanks to Ombud Forum for drawing this to our attention. Ombud Forum is a new site supporting whistleblower ombudsmen appointed under the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012.