Kennedy/Mighell Podcast Series on Presentation Skills

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell are leading lawyers who have shared their knowledge for a number of years with the  Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network. Their newest project? A series of three podcasts on presentation skills for lawyers:

  1. Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals
  2. Panel Presentation Pointers for Legal Professionals
  3. Webinar Presentation Pointers for Legal Professionals

Of course, this type of instruction is just as relevant to ethics trainers. Check it out.

Save Streaming Video Content for Local Viewing

Lifehacker is a website devoted to providing practical advice on real-life problems. Their article How Can I Save Un-downloadable Online Video Content to Watch Offline? addresses an issue relevant to ethics training:

There are many videos from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. that would be excellent additions to training programs. However, many training rooms do not have the Internet connections needed to show streaming videos. The article discusses ways to save such content to a laptop, so you can show it to audiences without an Internet connection.

OGE Tips for Effective Online Training

Are you considering moving some training online? An OGE slide show entitled Essential Skills for Training Online (must register for access) may smooth adaptation to the new medium. Here is a sample tip:
  •  Limit class size to 50-75% of the class size you would teach in a classroom
  • Maximum effective class size is near 20
  • Common error: Creating huge classes because the Web conferencing platform allows it