Save Streaming Video Content for Local Viewing

Lifehacker is a website devoted to providing practical advice on real-life problems. Their article How Can I Save Un-downloadable Online Video Content to Watch Offline? addresses an issue relevant to ethics training:

There are many videos from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. that would be excellent additions to training programs. However, many training rooms do not have the Internet connections needed to show streaming videos. The article discusses ways to save such content to a laptop, so you can show it to audiences without an Internet connection.

Milo & Emily Video 1: Charitable Solicitation

YouTube has multiple versions of the ethics training video featuring cartoon characters Emily and Milo. This 3:20 clip, with its amusing flirtatious interaction between an ethically challenged employee and the object of his attentions, could enliven training sessions:

Ethics Training Video YouTube.

This excellent training aid originated at HUD. Greg Walters explained its creation in a presentation at the 2011 Office of Government Ethics Conference. The website of the business Greg used,, provides an error message as of this morning, so it may have gone under. Greg provided plenty of other resources in his presentation, so there are other paths for those who want to blaze creative ethics trails.