“Ignite”: Enlighten Your Audiences at HyperDrive Speed

Would you like to shake up your audiences–in a good way?

Picking up the pace is one way, and the Ignite format takes it into overdrive:

Promoted under the slogan, “Enlighten us, but make it quick,” Ignite is a presentation format where a presenter speaks while slides advance automatically to support them. An Ignite presentation is exactly 5 minutes, and contains exactly 20 slides. The slides advance automatically after each slide is displayed for 15 seconds.

With fixed timing and clear constraints, the Ignite style is suitable for many situations, including classroom presentations, Toastmasters meetings, and both corporate and conference events.

Won’t fill up the time allotted for the training session? Complement the Ignite training with other types of training like teacher-led discussion, a video, a game, other Ignite sessions by you or co-trainers. Shake things up, make it fun.

The Ignite website will help you get started.

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