Reach Your Audience: The Role of Charisma

Tom Fox is onto something over at the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog (via Ethisphere LinkedIn group):

One often hears or reads about complaints that compliance training is dull, nay even boring. I mean, how many times can you expect someone to be lectured to on the riveting subject of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA or even the UK Bribery Act? Coupled with the legally spellbinding subject, the sessions are often led by lawyers who are training non-lawyers.

He discusses a few approaches to the charisma gap.

There is one very partial solution to the problem, what might be called “Ersatz charisma.”  Rather than try to make your trainers have more personality, give them teaching tools, in the form of videos, high quality slide shows, etc.

The problem is, producing top quality materials takes resources and people who know what they are doing. One of the things we are trying to do with this website is “amortize” these investments by spreading high quality materials among multiple trainers, multiple trainees and multiple agencies. Help us if you can.

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