Slide for Encouraging Audience Participation

Most often, good ethics trainers will want to come across as authority figures. This is one reason why even if your audience is wearing summer casual, you may want to wear a coat and tie. In special situations, trainers may benefit by coming across more modestly. For example, some audiences may have significant knowledge of a topic. The instructor may believe it best to encourage audience contributions. Here’s a slide I developed to help in situations like this. I supplement it with this explanation.

This classic photo shows education assumptions from years ago. You’ve got one guy in front that’s supposed to know all the answers, and a lot of passive students soaking up all the wisdom.

I’m not sure that paradigm was ever completely accurate, and I know it’s not accurate here today. Some people in this room have lots more experience with these issues than I do. Let’s take advantage of it. This should be a discussion, not a lecture. Let’s hear comments, corrections and additions from the audience. That will make this hour more valuable for everybody—and I look forward to learning some things.

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